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Hello. We’re Game Dev University.

And We Are Here to Help

Game Dev University is an online community passionate about making video games. 

Our online Campus teaches you the skills to succeed and connects you one on one with the experts.

The Future of Game Dev

Don't Develop Alone

We are here to help

Join the ever-growing community of developers. Learn from the experts. 


Our Curriculum

We specialize in every category of game development but here are few to mention.

Using a Computer
Woman on Her Computer
Man on Computer


Exceeding Expectations

Project Management

Committed to Quality

Graphic Design

Visual Standards

Game Developers
Gamer with Headphones
Working with Laptop


Shaping the World

Sound Design

Feel the Story


Challenge the Competition

The One-Stop-Shop for Game Development

Our community is made up of all levels of game developers. From the part-time beginner to the every day

enthusiast. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming platform for those new to game dev but also a place of rescue for those struggling with road blocks.

Already an Expert?

Join GDU as an expert level member and take advantage of our incentive based program. GDU and the game dev community needs your help.

Designer's Desk
Woman with Computer

User Experience

Our positive and supportive community ensures only the best experience for all GDU members. With members from all over the world, we strive to maintain a focused and compassionate environment. Our love for video games have brought us together as a family and our mission of creating our own has made it easy to stay together.

Start to Finish Philosophy

GDU is with you every step of the way. From putting your first ideas down on paper to landing a publisher, GDU is there to help. Not sure if you are ready to launch? Thinking about crowdfunding? GDU is there to smooth the process and help avoid obstacles. 

Quiet Desk

"I struggled for years working on many projects alone, never able to find help. I debated quitting often. But through my struggles I found the idea to bring us all together and now I'll never go back."

President - GDU

Outdoors Meeting


"Is there an age restriction?"

There is no age restriction. All motivated individuals are encouraged to apply regardless of age. 

"I am new to game dev, will everything be over my head?"

All levels or expertise are encouraged to apply. Initial tutorials and one on one training is designed or tailored to the members knowledge. 

"I don't have much spare time. Is GDU still worth it?"

Develop at your own pace but remember GDU is here when you need us. 

"Do I need anything to start?"

Motivation, a computer, and internet is all you need. 

"I have so many questions?"

If you still have questions click the "Let's Chat" button below. 

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